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Funhouse Tattoo: International Guesthouse


Funhouse Tattoo San Diego has expanded and created The International Guesthouse, a hub for world renowned tattoo artists in beautiful Pacific Beach


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Funhouse Tattoo: International Guesthouse


Located in the Heart of Pacific Beach, we are the Newest Location of the Award-Winning Funhouse Tattoo

– About Pacific Beach’s Guesthouse Tattoo Shop –


As the expansion of the award winning Funhouse Tattoo San Diego, The International Guesthouse showcases a collection of world-class tattoo artists in beautiful Pacific Beach. At this unique shop, we invite renowned artists from the around the globe to come and showcase their tattoo mastery and exotic style as a featured guest artists. This brings a dynamic world of body art and tattoo styles to the heart of San Diego.


Funhouse Tattoo: International Guesthouse sits across the street from the original Funhouse Tattoo shop on the palm tree-lined street of Garnet in Pacific Beach. Both Funhouse Tattoo shops are world-class tattoo shops in Pacific Beach specializing in Polynesian, Japanese, Aztec, traditional, watercolor and other more exotic tattoo styles. We provide a unique tattoo experience that ensures the fullest satisfaction by hand picking from our team of world-class artists that is perfect for you. At Funhouse Tattoo, we are proud to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitization procedures in our shops and utilize the most industry-leading tattoo equipment. We invite you to visit our art-filled shop and meet with one of our artists today.

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– What People Are Saying About Us –

My latest work from Funhouse was by Leo. It’s not done yet, and I’m dying to get it finished. He’s an absolutely amazing artist. From what I’ve seen, you can’t go wrong with any artist here.
Andrew C.

Got another tattoo from Alec- pure art. Love the absolutely perfect line work. This is probably it for me for awhile so to get such an epic piece left me very content! Hurt but the final result was worth it ten times over. Funhouse is not cheap by any means but with tattoos, you get what you pay for.
Caitlin S.

I went to Southern California on a solo trip and wanted to get a tattoo that signified something to me. Walked in with a tattoo in mind and got better than what I expected!  Leo was AMAZING!
Sasha D.

Featured Guest Artists

Diego Perugini

Diego Perugini is an Italian artists and tattoo expert in the art of black and grey as well as illustrative and realism tattoo styles.
He is a featured artists from Rome that will be bringing his insight in Renaissance artistry and Italian design right here to the International Guesthouse in Pacific Beach.


Xavi is a featured artists from Barcelona. His mastery in illustrative and realism style tattoos has brought him all the way to the International Guesthouse Tattoo team. We are excited to host Xavi as he brings a new and excited philosophy to the artists of tattooing.

Karlla Mendes

Karlla Mendes is a world-class tattoo artists from Brazil with expertise in illustrative and realism style tattoo. With her expert line work and insane use of dimension and perspective, she is highly versatile.

We are beyond stoked to have her a part of our team and showcase her skills with us Pacific Beach. Reach out to her today for your next tattoo.


Guest Artist Tripps will be at the International Guesthouse on September 14-18