People get tattoos different reasons. Whether it’s a form of self-expression, an act of rebellion, a payment of homage, a religious connotation, or perhaps it was because you lost a be. Unfortunately, not all those reasons that people get them last. And when they become too much to bare and the bearer needs to rid themselves of their ill-conceived body art there are two options. Either they can get the tattoo blasted off with lasers or covered with new tattoo. The latter is something we have a lot of experience in and cover up tattoos are an artform and magic of its own.

The cover up tattoo is essentially what it sounds like. A tattoo that either completely or partially covers another tattoo. And although the explanation of what a cover up tattoo is relatively straightforward, the application can be a bit more tricky. To get rid of that old, unwanted tattoo things like size, color, placement, and structure all play into how it can transformed or covered. Sometimes portions of the undesired tattoo are salvageable and can incorporated into the new overlaying design. If the old tattoo is particularly dark or faded then there must be careful consideration on the new colors of the design. If the unwanted tattoo is too dark, sometimes parts of it may still be visible in the new design but since it takes on a completely new form, it can be hardly recognizable in its previous state.

This is how the artful magic of cover up tattoos comes into play. Unlike a blank canvas that can take any color or structure, a cover up tattoo has significant limitations on how it can be executed to create something new and beautiful. Experienced cover up tattoo artists like J Trip or Roger Solis meticulously visualize a new design over the old one. This is where our artists will work their magic in strategizing how the new cover will be applied.

Whether you have ideas for the cover up design or need some help figuring out what the heck to do to cover the regrettable design, we are here to help. Yes, laser tattoo removal is an option but can be pricey and more painful depending on your pain threshold. If you are considering getting your ex’s name or that ill-placed flower covered up then why wait? A new design can wipe away that eyesore of tattoo and bring new life to your body art. If you want to learn more about our cover up artists and what they have done for others that needed their tattoos covered visit our contact us page and send us a message.

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